KYMCO recently shared its plans for electric vehicle development, including an innovative Smart Streetlight system. However, more than just a light, each features swappable batteries similar to Gogoro’s stations for EV riders to share and exchange to power their bikes.

“KYMCO has always been at the forefront of the next-generation transportation. We have dedicated ourselves to creating the most thoughtful customer experience of the electric era including empowering smart city for the future riders.

Ionex is a Taiwanese-based motorcycle brand spearheading KYMCO’s electric division. They have been working on swappable battery packs for the past few years, designed to extend the range of electric motorcycles. For example, riders can exchange their depleted batteries for fresh ones, leaving them to recharge for the next rider.

Two-way charging

Now the company is creating more uses for its KYMCO batteries as an auxiliary power device for smart cities. Under the new KYMCO Ionex Smart Streetlights system, these battery bases connect to streetlights and traffic lights. A solar power generator at the top helps to power the whole thing.

ionex battery swap KYMCO

Not only does each unit charge the batteries within it, but in a power outage, those charged batteries will send energy back, keeping the streetlights on. As a result, more green energy solutions are available in a single space.

The availability of energy access and battery station is a continuous challenge for all EV makers. With the Ionex Smart Streetlights system, a battery station has multiple functions with only limited space required. Therefore, we can provide a solution that mutually benefits the smart city operators and consumers.”

Battery swap stations are prevalent in Taiwan, where most commuters choose two-wheeled transportation with electric scooters displacing traditional gas-powered motorcycles. Battery swap stations already outnumber gas stations in Taipei and will soon do so throughout the country.