The Gotrax Gmax Ultra is currently the most powerful electric scooter from Gotrax, offering 45 miles of range and a top speed of 20 mph. But is it different enough from their other options to justify having the highest price tag? Here’s a hands-on review of the Gotrax Gmax Ultra.

What you need to know about the Gotrax Gmax Ultra

gotrax gmax ultra front headlight in front of tree

If you’re looking for the best of the line from Gotrax, this is it. The Gmax Ultra is for those who want to travel long distances at reasonable speeds. At first glance, the Gmax Ultra doesn’t appear all that different from the Gotrax G4, aside from coming in a different color. They are the same size and share the same dashboard, anti-theft lock, and max speed. The only technical differences are that the Gmax Ultra has more than twice the range and weighs about ten pounds heavier because fo the bigger battery. Plus, it’s $200 more.

Again, there were some assembly issues, the same as the G4. The screws for the latch on the handle didn’t precisely align, and the provided allen wrench was too small to screw them in with ease. I resorted to using a power drill to get them in quickly.

There are also the same security measures, such as a display lock with a three-digit code that will lock the wheels and cause the scooter to beep if not entered correctly. The alarm is not very loud and won’t keep someone taking off with it, but at least it is a minimal deterrent that may get others to notice. There’s also a built-in 4-digit cable lock in the stem, which you can use to secure your scooter around a post or fence. Just make sure to remember your combination.

What’s good?

gotrax gmax ultra front tire on pavement

Safety measures: The Gmax Ultra is a big, sturdy scooter you feel safe riding. The tail light on the back lights up whenever you pull the hand brake. There are real reflectors on the front, back, and sides, not just reflective stickers like other e-scooters opt for. Combined with the bright headlight and loud bell, you’ll never have to worry about visibility. The anti-theft lock on the side provides peace of mind to leave your scooter outside while popping into a store since thieves must have a heavy-duty pair of clippers to cut through it.

Big LG battery: The Gmax Ultra has the longest range of all other Gotrax scooters, going for roughly 45 miles per charge. I also experienced the Gmax Ultra to have much more oomph than the G4 going uphill, maintaining speeds of 14-16 mph uphill. The charge time is around 4 hours, but you’ll rarely have to wait that long since it takes a while for the battery to deplete completely.

Rugged ride: This will be a reliable ride for years to come. The strong aluminum components won’t wear out, and while there isn’t any suspension, the ten-inch tires smooth out most bumps on the road. The Gmax Ultra has a max rider weight of 220 lbs.

What’s not so good?

gotrax gmax ultra folded on cement

Heavy: Unsurprisingly, the biggest Gotrax Scooter is also the heaviest. Weighing 47 lbs, this scooter can be a load to carry around. It’s best to avoid taking on transit or carrying up a flight of stairs, which can become tiring to lug around. On the bright side, it is foldable.

Too many buttons: As with the G4, the Gmax Ultra’s dashboard is anything but intuitive. On your left, you’ll find a lateral set of three buttons. To switch up a gear, you press the Plus button, and to switch back down a gear, you press the Minus button. Gotrax could have achieved all these functions with a double-press of the power button. Granted, entering a lock code wouldn’t work without them, but perhaps Gotrax could have included a different unlocking mechanism for the higher price tag.

Not enough difference for the money: At the end of the day, the Gotrax Gmax Ultra is basically the same scooter as the G4, except for a bigger battery and a fresh coat of paint. I would have liked more features for the higher price tag, such as a higher max speed.

Gotrax Gmax Ultra specs

 45 Miles per Charge (LG Battery)
 20 MPH Max Speed
 350W Avg. Motor
10″ Air Filled Tires
 Dimensions:  45″ x 18.5″ x 48.9″
 Weight:  46.3 lbs
 Charge Time: 4-5 Hours

Should you buy the Gotrax Gmax Ultra?

gotrax gmax ultra logo on frame

If you’re looking to buy your first electric scooter, I would recommend getting the Gotrax G4. The reason is that you get all the premium features of the Gmax Ultra, just with half the range. That means you will have to charge the scooter more often, but you also save $200, which I think is worth the hassle.

If money isn’t an issue and you want the best from Gotrax, then the Gmax Ultra doesn’t disappoint. There are plenty of safety features, and it’s easy to use. Just be prepared to carry 47 lbs around and make sure you remember your security codes unless you decide to disable the features. I also have to say that I prefer the dark green color scheme to the white and red of the G4 as it is a little more subtle. Though, the logo is still there to be a rolling advertisement.

While I would have preferred a third speed option for faster traversal, at least the long range will get you to many destinations, if not the quickest. Ready to go with the best from Gotrax? Order your Gotrax Gmax Ultra for $899.