GAF Energy, the largest roofing and waterproofing company in North America, has developed the world’s first nailable solar shingle.

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The Timberline Solar Energy Shingle looks like a roof, installs like a roof but produces clean energy. Each shingle will feature a solar panel utilizing a mono passive emitter and rear cells (PERC), which are 22.6% efficient.

It’s an excellent way to help pay for the roof by reducing your monthly utility bill.

Why nailable solar shingles are a game-changer

For starters, those looking for a more affordable alternative to the Tesla Solar Roof are in luck, as GAF Energy says they will be about half the cost.

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Additionally, the fact that they are nailable means any roofing crew should be familiar with the installation process, broadening consumer service options. The flexible form factor of each shingle also allows for more solar in areas where a standard 5-by-3-foot panel wouldn’t fit.

Lastly, the Timberline solar shingles outperform rack-mounted systems in real-world conditions, without the bulky electronics and the associated extra labour.

If you’re in the market for a new roof, consider turning two home improvement projects into one by going solar.