Five months after announcing their deal with Yadea and Dachangjiang Group, Gogoro has opened 45 battery-swapping stations in Hangzhou, China.

For the uninitiated, Gogoro is a Taiwanese company known for its battery technologies and scooters

They also deal with other manufacturers like Hero, Aeon Motor, PGO, and Yamaha. These other manufacturers implement Gogoro’s hot-swappable battery innovations in some of their own vehicular offerings.

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Gogoro has been working on their Gogoro Network since January 2015, and today marks their first large-scale expansion. Now, with the rollout of their Swap and Go stations in China, users outside of Taiwan can experience their battery-swapping innovations.

According to Gogoro’s CEO and co-founder Horace Luke in a discussion with TechCrunch, the company is targeting “80 stations by the end of the year, before expanding into other major cities with its partners, Yadea and Dachangjiang Group (DCJ).” 

Gogo(ro) Gadget Scooter

While Gogoro makes their own “Smartscooters,” those aren’t the only vehicles that benefit from their battery-swapping stations. 

Yesterday, Yadea, Dachangjiang Group, and Gogoro revealed two brand new Gogoro-powered vehicles. Branded as the “Huan Huan” series, this is a new collaborative venture that brings to market a brand new scooter in China. 

Depending on how their China launch goes, we may see Gogoro bring their battery-swapping tech to other countries as well.