As part of its continued effort to bring solar products to the mainstream, Tesla has launched new and improved solar roof tiles. These upgraded tiles feature greater efficiency and higher power capacity than previous models.

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The new ‘SR72T1’ solar tile offers a max power output of 71.67-watts. In comparison, the last generation ‘SR60T1’ model provides a 58.5-watt capacity.

According to a data sheet obtained by Electrek, the new model is the same size as the older one but provides a 22% increase in max power output thanks to the improved solar cells. That means more solar power per tile on a single roof.

Are Tesla solar tiles the new shingles?

If you’re buying a new home or in need of a new roof, the Tesla solar roof tiles might be for you. However, they are still rather pricey and are estimated not to start paying for themselves until after a decade. Not to mention it may take a few months to complete installation.

That being said, Tesla is aware of these hurdles and has made efforts to alleviate them.

Not only have they standardized the product, but they are allowing independent roofing companies to install them. Additionally, these new tiles can even be installed over existing roofs.

Specifically, they can install over these two roof types:

  • Three-tab composition shingle, single layer
  • Architectural composition shingle, single layer

To help with the cost, Tesla has also increased their referral program for the solar roof to $500.

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