The well-known electric vehicle brand SUPER73 has unveiled its latest motorcycle and a host of e-bikes for adults and kids. The company is coming in hot with micro-mobile EV offerings this year.

Previously, Super73 had teamed up with RSD to develop a limited edition off-road racing e-bike. Now, they are challenging the status quo of two-wheel transportation with a small, light motorcycle that features a mid-mounted motor and active ergonomics.


Super73 C1X

The SUPER73-C1X stands roughly three feet tall and weighs under 300lbs. For its size, it can go fast, reaching a max speed of 75 mph (120 km/h). However, it won’t be as quiet as other electric motorcycles due to the chain drive, but at least the swingarm design will help eliminate chain slack and maintenance.

We don’t yet know how big the battery will be, but Super73 says it should have a maximum range of 100 miles (160 km). Recharging shouldn’t take long either, as the company claims an 80% charge in under an hour.

There’s no final price for how much the SUPER73-C1X will cost, but you can reserve your place in line to buy one with a $73 deposit. Production should start late next year.

SUPER73-R Brooklyn

super73-R Brooklyn

The latest full-suspension e-bike for the roads in the brand’s lineup is the SUPER73-R. The bike boasts iconic features, such as the powerful R-series drive system, two-piston hydraulic brakes, and dual suspension. A new LED headlight and our BDGR All-Terrain Tires should improve street performance.

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The SUPER73-R Brooklyn has an internally geared brushless motor capable of 2300 watts peak output as with previous models. Powered by a 960-watt battery, the R can deliver more than 40 miles of range at 20 mph under throttle activation. But you can travel over 75 miles using ECO pedal-assist mode.

The bike comes in black, blue, or beige for a total of $3,495. Shipments are starting this month.

SUPER73-Z Miami

super73-z miami

Marketed as a compact neighborhood explorer, the SUPER73-Z takes the best elements of the Z1 and re-engineers the bike from the ground up. Highlights include the removable battery, new tire tread pattern, and lightweight aluminum frame. The trendy paint colors like navy, red, and pink also help to give the e-bike a fresh update.

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The Miami-styled e-bike has an internally geared brushless DC hub motor capable of 1200 watts of peak power. The 615-watt removable battery provides more than 30 miles of range at 20 mph or 50 miles of range using ECO pedal assist. Additionally, the bike is supplied pre-wired for easy installation of optional accessory lighting.

The SUPER73-Z is shipping now for a total of $2,195.

SUPER73 Youth

A new series of e-bikes for kids aims to help those ages 4-8 learn to ride a bike and develop critical balancing skills. Of course, it comes in kid-friendly colors like prickly pink and mellow yellow.

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The bike features a right-side twist throttle, low seat height, large foot platforms, and a cute removable battery with one hour of ride time. There’s even a hydraulic disc brake setup on the rear —  something we don’t usually find on kids’ e-bikes.

With a maximum rider height of 48″ inches, the young ones can continue ridding long after the learning stages. That is, if the parents are willing to pay $995.