SUPER73 has teamed up with Roland Sands Design to release a limited edition off-road racing e-bike. 

A variant of their RX-series of e-bikes, this project has been in the works for over a year. Roland Sands Design, or RSD, has been involved with SUPER73 since 2019, and, last year, they started teasing a project called “Malibu.”

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Fast forward a year, and SUPER73 and Roland Sands Design have decided to make the Malibu available to the masses. Well, in limited quantities at least.

RSD x SUPER73-RX Malibu e-bike

Until recently, the Malibu has remained a concept e-bike kept under wraps. An off-road racing e-bike in nature, SUPER73 chose to build their collab bike on the RX chassis.

The production units will feature a 960Wh battery fixed to the down tube. This design choice obviously lowers the e-bike’s center of gravity and allows for the elongated moto-style seat developed with RSD and Saddlemen.

The Malibu features an adjustable Fox suspension, as well as Magura performance e-bike hydraulic brakes and a Magura twist throttle. 

The stock tires are 4.5×20” front and 5×20” rear SUPER73 GRZLY tires.

The 2,000-watt peak-rated hub motor lets the e-bike surpass 28 miles an hour in its “unlocked” mode.

Those interested in picking this specialized e-bike up can do so starting October 25th. It will be available for $4,500 and will be limited to 1,000 units.