Boosted Boards was one of the leaders of the booming electric skateboards market.

The company launched successful boards like the Boosted Mini X and Boosted Board 2.0, as well as the Boosted Rev electric scooter.

Despite the initial success and all the hype around, Boosted Boards shocked its fans and customers when it went out of business in March 2020.

That doesn’t mean this is the end for Boosted boards, though. A company called Boosted USA took over the large leftover stock of Boosted products, so you can still buy a Boosted electric skateboard if you want to.

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What happened to Boosted Boards?

Boosted Boards was founded in 2012, when three Stanford engineering students decided to pursue their dream of launching an electric motor-powered skateboard.

The new company launched its Boosted board crowdfunding project on Kickstarter and received an incredible reception, collecting $476,000 in just the first 24 hours.

Soon Boosted became super popular, helped by a series of appearances in Casey Neistat’s videos and several funding rounds.

The company launched new versions of its electric skateboards, including the smaller and more affordable Boosted Mini. In 2017 alone, the company grew a whopping 450%.

Then, trouble started.

High-rolling Boosted ran into losses generated by the Trump administration’s China tariffs. Meanwhile, a wave of cheaper competitors started eating away its sales.

Despite cost-cutting measures and layoffs, Boosted couldn’t turn its luck around.

The pandemic hit in early 2020, and in March of that year, the company said it’s looking for a buyer. Lime, the scooter sharing company, bought Boosted’s assets and patents.

While Lime got the patents, it didn’t acquire the stock of Boosted boards, scooters, and spare parts still sitting in warehouses. However, one of Boosted’s retail partners scooped in and acquired this product stock. This is how Boosted USA formed.

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Okay, so who is Boosted USA?

Boosted USA is an entirely different company from Boosted Boards. In fact, the company is called CaliRides LLC and is based in San Francisco. Its owner, Brian Schwarz, was one of the biggest distributors of Boosted products in California.

After Boosted Boards went under, Schwarz bought most of the remaining stock of Boosted boards, scooters, and spare parts and started selling them.

While we don’t know for sure, presumably Schwarz also acquired limited rights to use the Boosted brand and logo.

Are Boosted products still being manufactured?

Not as far as we can tell. Boosted USA appears to be only selling existing stock it acquired after Boosted Boards went out of business.

According to Boosted USA’s website, all the products it’s selling have been manufactured by Boosted.

Crucially, Boosted USA cannot legally manufacture new Boosted products.

The remaining stock of Boosted products is “extremely limited,” the distributor says.

What Boosted products can you still buy?

As of this writing, the Boosted USA website is the main way to buy a new Boosted electric skateboard or scooter.

You may be able to find Boosted products from other retailer’s unsold inventories, but Boosted USA remains the “official” outlet for them.

The following Boosted products are in stock at

The Boosted Mini S electric skateboard is listed as out of stock.

In addition, Boosted USA has various Boosted accessories and spare parts on offer, including service kits, wheels, and upgrade kits. You can check those out here.

Should you trust Boosted USA?

Boosted USA looks like an entirely legit operation – this is not a fly-by-night company trying to make a quick buck.

The company offers a warranty for the products it’s selling.

However, note that Boosted USA will not honor warranties for products sold by the old Boosted Boards company. They are entirely different entities.

Should you buy a Boosted product in 2021?

The market for electric skateboards has changed since the heyday of Boosted Boards. That said, Boosted boards are not, by any means, obsolete.

One thing is for sure – you won’t get any software updates for any Boosted products, newly bought or otherwise.

While Boosted USA offers warrantees for the products it sells, that might not be the case for Boosted products you bought second-hand or from other retailers. Always check before you buy.

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And that wraps up our Boosted boards guide. Any questions? Hit us up in the comments.

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