Yamaha turns on to electric with a new wave of electric mopes, scooters, and e-bikes revealed in their Switch On campaign kick-off.

We expected this was coming soon after the reveal of their E01 and E02 electric mopeds, followed by the announcement of a futuristic-looking EMF. Now, Yamaha has revealed six new electric two-wheelers to be tested in different regions before hitting markets worldwide.

You can check out the whole event below, then read on for the highlights.

Switch On to Yamaha

Perhaps the star of the show was the eye-catching frame of the Yamaha B01.

yamaha b10

This step-through two-wheeler straddles a middle ground between a moped and bike, featuring large street tires and a mounted motor connected to a pedal drivetrain. All in all, the design feels fresh and modern. The company estimates the B10 will go up to 45 km/h (28 mph) and plans to begin production in 2023.

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Yamaha also showcased three electric bikes. A gravel bike known as the Yamaha Wabash RT, a road/commuter bike called the Yamaha CrossCore RC, and a mountain bike for off-road terrain.

The first two share the same 500W mid-drive motors and a 500Wh battery. The last one features a dedicated full-suspension with a frame made out of what appears a transparent camouflage material.

The first of the scooter will hit European markets first, with the rest rolled out over the years to come. It’s nice to see Yamaha Switch On by turning a new green leaf.