Technology has long been considered the nemesis of the environment. However, technology is now helping reverse the climate crisis by offering clean, eco-friendly options that don’t burn carbon such as electric mopeds.

If you are interested in battery-powered mopeds, motorcycles, and similar rides, find the ones which will make your life greener, easier, and more adventurous, without making a huge dent in your wallet, in our list of the best cheap electric mopeds. But first, let’s discuss some of the main features of these amazing two-wheeled rides.

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What are electric mopeds?

Just like other electric vehicles, electric mopeds power themselves using electricity from batteries, instead of gas. In doing so, they reduce your carbon footprint significantly, as electric mopeds do not give off pollutants.

But that is not the only reason to choose electric mopeds as your means of transportation or recreation. Electric mopeds are gaining popularity around the world because of their subtle yet powerful features, including:

  • Low fuel and maintenance costs – More like a one-time investment, an electric moped will save you tons of money since it requires no fuel and little regular maintenance. Additionally, it has replaceable parts that you can easily find, and it saves more time and money than any conventional motorbike out there.
  • High speeds – While being eco-friendly, electric mopeds can reach the same speeds that conventional mopeds can. Many e-mopeds can go up to 60 mph (or 100 km).
  • Variety in body types and styles – Electric motorbikes and mopeds come in many different shapes, sizes, and types. From being similar to an average scooter to a completely sporty look, an electric dirt bike, or one with a vintage, old-school look, electric bikes have transcended the world of shapes and sizes, giving you the perfect look and type.

Electric mopeds are convenient, good for the environment, easy to use, and can fit your needs as well as any other bike. But if you’re still not convinced, especially with a tight budget worrying you, you’re in luck because we have curated a list of the cheapest electric mopeds available, most of which are under $5,000!

Find out all about the most affordable electric mopeds that don’t compromise on quality.

Best cheap electric scooters, at a glance

CSC City Slicker

Priced at just $2,495, the CSC City Slicker packs an energetic punch! Perfect for a city and any suburban setting, this slim electric moped can reach speeds up to 46 mph (75 km), making sure you get to your destination safely, in time, and without harming the environment.

This small bike puts out an estimated 4kW of power and gets around 30 miles (50 km) before its battery demands a quick recharge.

See the CSC City Slicker

CSC Monterey

Even though these vintage-inspired, beautiful vehicles are scooters instead of motorbikes, they fit the description of electric mopeds that will help you get to your destination in style, with an affordable price tag of just $1,995. CSC Monterey has a unique 20th-century look combined with the latest 21st-century performance. This vehicle has a 1,560 Watt battery and a 2.4kW motor in the rear wheel, and tops out at a strong 32 mph (52 km).

Being the ultimate cruising vehicle while saving the environment and embracing a vintage theme, this scooter is perfect for any urban and suburban ride you would usually take.

See the CSC Monterey

Huck Cycles Electric Mopeds

Packing a high-powered motor and engine, Huck mopeds reach speeds of 60 mph (96 km). Huck Cycles Electric Mopeds are perfect for those who love to make their ride special. Huck is famous for their customization options, allowing every buyer to add a personal touch to their vehicle. This makes them unique as no two bikes are exactly the same. Huck Cycles Electric Mopeds start their pricing at $3,500, so you can buy your dream moped without spending a fortune.

See Huck Cycles Electric Mopeds

Sondors Metacycle

With its unique design and body frame, the Sondors Metacycle comes in at only $5,000. Despite this low price, the Metacycle does not like to stay slow on the roads, topping out at a strong 80 mph (130 km). The 4,000 Wh battery coupled with a 3 kWh auxiliary battery filling in the negative space in the body frame can further extend the range of this vehicle, all while remaining perfect for any urban or suburban road.

See the Sondors Metacycle

NIU NGT Electric Scooter

Priced at $4,500, this beautiful scooter is relatively more expensive than other electric mopeds, but it is for very good reasons. The 3,500 kW motor gives the bike the feel of a conventional 125 cc bike and tops out at about 50 mph (80 km). Perhaps the best part of the scooter, though, is its range of a whopping 87 miles (140 km) due to its 2.1 kWh batteries. Another reason this particular scooter stands out is its sophisticated system of monitoring your ride remotely, coupled with GPS tracking and anti-theft features.

See the NIU NGT

WK E Colt

Coming with a price tag of just $2,450, this swift, sustainable motorbike is perfect for an urban setting. The E Colt perfectly combines the feel of an electric moped with an incredible and unique sports-bike-like look, all while reaching a maximum speed of just 28 mph  (45 km), ensuring a safe commute experience with style.

See the WK E Colt

Super Soco TC

This amazingly fast electric moped combines the benefits of an e-bike with the experience of a traditional, conventional motorbike with its unique style and body frame. Equipped with the latest features, modern power upgrades, and safety features, the Super Soco TC is priced at $5,250. Promising to give you an unforgettable experience, this moped achieves a top speed of 60 mph (96 km) with faster acceleration than most.

See the Super Soco TC

Choose the best electric moped for you

Electric mopeds, although all with the ability to help the Earth, are often significantly different from one another, even with low prices. Some have higher speeds and smaller ranges, and some have brilliant body frames while compromising on safety or comfort or vehicle size. With so many variables and a small budget, making a choice can be difficult, but we are here to help you make the right choice. When buying your vehicle, take note of the following features in particular, which will matter to your experience whether or not you want a bike for an urban, suburban, or rural setting.

  • Range – Consider your daily travel plans. Will you need a moped just for short, fifteen-minute commutes or will you need them for longer distances? The range of an electric moped, depending on the battery output of the vehicle, is crucial when finalizing which one to make your own.
  • Comfort – Comfort in the ride, seating, and feel of an electric moped is important, particularly if you plan to use it daily for long distances. In such cases, comfort will go a long way. Pay attention to the material used in the seats, ask if the seat height and handles are adjustable, and check the suspension and braking of the bike by taking it out for a test ride!
  • Safety – The best cheap electric mopeds come with in-built security and anti-theft features. Seeing as how bikes are considered less safe when compared to cars, it might be worth investing in a bike that is equipped with the latest safety features such as a 360 degrees camera, a GPS tracking system, and smart rider assistance.

Combining high power, your preferred look, and the ability to save the environment with affordability, the affordable electric mopeds listed above will make for your perfect roadside travel companion. So just wear your helmet, pull up your biker gloves, and speed away!

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