Tesla is just “weeks or months” away from opening its Supercharger network to every electric vehicle owner in the UK. Instead of just Tesla owners, all EV drivers can charge their vehicles at one of Tesla’s stations.

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The pilot program to open up their charging grids began last year in the Netherlands and expanded to France and Norway. The United Kingdom is the latest European country to test the open-access feature. Using the Tesla mobile app, EV drivers of any automaker in the UK will be able to recharge their batteries.

Speaking to Founder and CEO of Electrifying.com Ginny Buckley earlier this week, Transport Minister Trudy Harrison confirmed the move, stating: “Tesla recognise that they are part of the solution here” and that the move could come “within weeks and months rather than years”.

– Trudy Harrison, UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport

Tesla has likely contacted the Uk government about the program’s expansion. The announcement follows the same pattern we saw with Norway, after all.

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If Tesla stays on track, it won’t be long until other continents can take advantage of their vast network. The company will continue to gather more data from more users to make improvements. There’s bound to be an exponential growth of the service since Tesla plans to use revenue from other EV owners utilizing the network to expand it with more stations.