Tesla has been ramping up efforts to make its extensive global network of fast-charging stations accessible to all EVs. The company has officially expanded its pilot program to open Superchargers to electric vehicles from all manufacturers in Norway and France.

The pilot program first started in the Netherlands in November of last year. At the time, ten supercharging stations were made available to non-Tesla EV owners to charge using the Tesla app.

Now, Tesla announced the program’s expansion to select charging stations in Norway and France. You can read more details on the development here.

Tesla has kept their word to continue opening the Supercharger network to Non-Tesla EVs. The increase from ten to over forty Superchargers is good encouragement for more drivers to choose electric.

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We expect Tesla to give access to EV drivers to all stations across Europe as the program develops while using the added revenue to accelerate the expansion of the network. They currently have more than 30,000 superchargers worldwide.

Eventually, the automaker will do the same in North America. Still, it will be more complicated in that market since Tesla uses its proprietary plug instead of the CCS standard. That means non-Tesla EV drivers may need an adapter to use the existing Supercharger stations.