The Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer RGNT has designed two traditional-styled bikes to stand the test of time.

From the hand-crafted leather to the aluminum tank and sand-casted battery box, they certainly look and feel of time’s past. However, they sound like the future – literally, thanks to the electric torque that keeps the streets silent.

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Now, the company has opened up orders to US riders, bringing its hand-made motorcycles to a new market.

Check out the brand video below for a sense of RGNT’s vision and philosophy, then read on for a closer look at both models.

The RGNT No.1 Classic and No.1 Scambler share the same drivetrain, with an 11 kW rear hub motor and a 7.7 kWh battery pack. The bikes have a maximum range of 120 km (75 miles), which means they’re more for urban exploration or short highway trips.

They have roughly three-hour charging time and fit standard 110V or 220V wall outlets.

At 343 lbs (156 kg), the bikes carry some weight but aren’t as heavy as the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, for example.

Future Nostalgia

RGNT Classic

The Classic and Scambler have several features generally found on higher-priced flagship electric motorcycles, such as LCD touch displays, cloud connectivity, GPS and OTP functionality. Plus, they’re maintenance-free.

Hand levers control the front and back breaks. While a departure from the long-time tradition of clutches on gas bikes, it’s likely a welcome innovation for those already familiar with electric riding.

RGNT scrambler

The No. 1 Classic is priced at $12,495, while the No. 1 Scrambler is higher at $13,495.

The Scrambler has extra features to take you beyond the paved asphalt, such as rugged on and off-road tires on wide aluminum rims, fork gaiters, and improved suspension.

RGNT electric motorcycles destined for US shores will ship in December 2022, with deliveries estimated for early 2023. That timeframe may seem long, but every bike has to be manufactured by hand locally at Kungsbacka, Sweden. You can’t rush quality.