It’s day one of the EICMA 2021 motorcycle show in Milan, and new NIU electric scooters are making their debut. These include the YQi, the BQi, the RQi Sport, the KQi2, the MQi GT EVO, and an updated NQi GTS.

Founded in 2016 and going public on NASDAQ in 2018, NIU Technologies is a Chinese smart electric scooter manufacturer and current industry leader. As it says on their website, they “created a new market category for smart electric two-wheeler vehicles.”

Prior to EICMA 2021, NIU updated their site with a dedicated page, as well as a few words regarding what to expect:

Let’s talk about what we’ll be seeing, product-wise, from NIU in 2022.

YQi hybrid two-wheeler

Firstly, NIU Technologies brought out their first-ever hybrid electric two-wheeler to EICMA 2021. Dubbed the YQi, this is meant to be “a gateway scooter to electric vehicles,” according to NIU.

The YQi will feature a 150cc liquid-cooled gas engine as well as a 2400W mid-mounted electric motor. These, in conjunction, will allow the YQi to reach “top speeds and acceleration times that can be found in 250cc+ motorbikes.”

With 14.5 kW of power available to the YQi in total, it will be able to accelerate up to a top speed of 68 miles an hour.

BQi electric bike

Next up, NIU brought out their intriguing sub-€1,500 BQi e-bike.

It’s designed on a modern v-shaped frame, which affords the bike a distinct look.

The model featured at the event showcased a single-speed belt-drive and a 250W Bafang hub motor setup; however, the model coming to North America will likely have a 500W motor instead.

There are two swappable batteries within the frame, which will allow the e-bike to traverse “hundreds of kilometers.”

NIU has a smartphone app that will integrate with the BQi, allowing it to access additional smart security and tech features.

RQi Sport electric motorcycle

NIU’s €6,999 RQi Sport motorcycle has also made an appearance at EICMA 2021.

The RQi Sport first appeared at CES 2020. However, it never reached production due to pandemic-related delays.

Designed for urban use, it features a 5 kW central motor with chain drive, as well as two removable 72V 36Ah batteries. This totals to 5,184 Wh of stored energy.

With NIU’s own fast charger, the electric motorcycle charges up in under four hours.

In terms of speed, the RQi Sport reaches up to 100 miles per hour, and will feature a “Launch Mode” that will allow it to accelerate very quickly from a standstill.

KQi2 electric kickscooter

Earlier this year, NIU launched the first member of its KQi kick-scooter family, the KQi3. Now they’re unveiling the KQi2.

The KQi2 has a top speed of roughly 22 miles per hour, which is respectable for a lightweight electric kick-scooter.

It weighs less than the 18.5kg KQi3, making it a more amiable choice for people who need something more portable.

MQi GT EVO 2022

The newest version of the MQi GT EVO electric scooter, which will be arriving next year, is the star of the show here for NIU.

It features a 5 kW power hub motor, as well as two 72V 26Ah batteries.

Together, it promises 3,744 Wh of energy, and it can travel up to approximately 75 km, or just over 46 miles.

It has a top speed of over 62 miles per hour and can accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in under six seconds.

NQi GTS 2022

Finally, the latest NQi GTS electric two-wheeler from NIU will also be arriving in March of next year. It will start at €3,990.

In terms of what’s actually new with it, the MQi GTS 2022 will feature a new “NIU V-MOTOR.” These new internals will allow the electric scooter to reach upwards of 80 km/h, or 50 miles per hour.

It retains the same 70 km range as its predecessor.

Additionally, the NQi GTS 2022 will have a similar color TFT display to the MQi GT EVO and the RQi.

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Kawasaki could be introducing an electric bike over the next few days at EICMA 2021, so make sure to keep an eye out for more EICMA 2021 announcements.