Sales of the Mercedes-Benz EQB have officially begun in Europe, and first deliveries are expected soon. If you live in Europe, you can head over to a Mercedes-Benz dealer and set up your own EQB order today.

The EQB is the latest addition to the Mercedes-Benz EQ family of electric vehicles. 

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As a smaller compact electric SUV, the Mercedes-Benz EQB is directly competing with the likes of the Tesla Model Y, the Audi Q4 e-tron, and the Ford Mustang Mach-E. However, starting at 55,311.20 euros, it won’t undercut much of the competition from a price standpoint. 

“The EQB can now be ordered with prices starting at 55,311.20 euros[1]. In Germany, an environmental bonus of 7500 euros[2] makes this compact electric family car especially attractive. The EQB offers five seats as standard, and a seven-seater is an option for an extra 1416.10 euros. After the EQA, the EQB is already the second all-electric compact from Mercedes-EQ.”

Daimler Global Media Site

It should be noted that the 55,311.20 euro starting price does include 19% value-added tax. Without that, the price would be reflected as roughly $50,000 USD.

A tale of two EQBs

Now, there are two Mercedes-Benz EQB models available to order.

The first is the EQB 300 4MATIC, which is the version that costs 55,311.20 euros.

This all-wheel drive model outputs 168 kW of power and produces 390 Nm of torque. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h in eight seconds.

The second configuration, the EQB 350 4MATIC, costs 57,988.70 euros.

This one is also all-wheel drive, and outputs 215 kW of power. The EQB 350 4MATIC creates 520 Nm of torque and can reach 100 km/h from a standstill in 6.2 seconds.

Both come with five seats standard. However, two extra seats are available at extra cost.

“Whether it’s for a large nuclear family or a small extended family: as a seven-seater, the new EQB offers space for many family configurations and a wide variety of transport needs. This gives it an exceptional position among compact electric cars. The two seats in the third row can be used by people up to 1.65 metres tall, and child seats can also be fitted there. The new EQB will launch in Europe and China at the end of the year, followed by the US market launch in 2022. After the EQA, it is already the second all-electric compact car from Mercedes-EQ. The powerful and efficient electric drive, clever recuperation and predictive Navigation with Electric Intelligence are just some of the features that link it to the EQA.”

Daimler Global Media Site

Additionally, there are a few extra packages available for the EQB: the Advanced Package, the Advanced Plus Package, and the Driving Assistance Package.

There is also a rear-wheel drive version that will arrive next year at a lower price.

Though official North American pricing isn’t available yet, we expect to see a lot more of the EQB heading into 2022.