Lectric eBikes, the Phoenix-based electric bike manufacturer known for delivering high-quality, fully assembled bikes at low cost, has a new budget-friendly e-bike on the way. This time the company is introducing its first electric tricycle, known as the Lectric XP Trike, which offers far more for far less than the cost of the competition.

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I spoke with Lectric’s CEO, Levi Conlow, about the design process and benefits of the new three-wheeler, and there’s a lot to look forward to. Here’s everything you need to know about the soon-to-release Lectric XP Trike.

The demand for electric tricycles

It may surprise you to know that an electric tricycle has been the most requested product from Lectric since they launched their first bike in 2019. Most Lectric riders are over 65 and may have health-related issues preventing them from riding a standard two-wheel bike. Compared to an e-bike, an electric tricycle is much more accessible and stable, with a lower step-through frame and three-wheel structure.

Lectric listened carefully to their customers in designing the XP Trike to be as accessible as possible. For instance, the frame is roughly five inches shorter than the step-through design of their XP e-bikes, meaning riders won’t have to tilt their bikes sideways to step over and get seated. The 14-inch standover height is the lowest of any Lectric eBike to date.

The aluminum frame is also foldable, making the trike lightweight and easy to store. The folding dimension, in particular, was measured to fit within standard wheelchair hitches so that anyone can fit the trike anywhere with their current set-up.

Lectric also ensured the XP Trike was financially accessible. Most electric tricycles on the market go for anywhere between two to three thousand dollars, and Lectric has managed to cut that cost in half, offering its XP Trike for just $1,499. Additionally, the XP Trike is the only one I know of to arrive fully assembled, making it that much easier to start riding.

XP Trike Specs

AT first glance, the XP Trike looks somewhat similar to the current lineup of XP 3.0 e-bikes. But there are a few significant differences besides the extra wheel, including a larger battery, hydraulic brakes, and a first-of-its-kind motor.

Instead of the typical 10.4Ah battery found inside the frame of the XP bikes, the XP Trike has a larger 14Ah external battery that slides in place behind the seat. That translates into more range than the standard XP 3.0, reaching 60 miles on a single charge. Stored energy from the battery is funneled into the new motor, an entirely new configuration for EVs.

A front hub motor wasn’t an option because it lacked the necessary traction and torque not to slip uphill. Instead, Lectric put a 500-watt rear hub motor with 1,092 watts of peak power on its own axle – a novel solution that makes it two-wheel drive and allows for 65NM of torque. In effect, the hub motor functions more like a mid-drive motor, and letting the two back wheels spin independently should deliver better handling.

The slower 14 mph top speed will help all the high efficiency. While the slower speeds might not sound like fun, it is an important safety consideration for three-wheelers that can feel tippy when soaring too fast. And even though you won’t be speeding, the XP Trike can dig its heels in and won’t slow down going uphill. That means a lot considering the Trike has a massive 450 lbs carrying capacity.

Going downhill with that much weight shouldn’t be a problem, thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes. The Trike also has a parking brake to prevent it from rolling away when parked on an incline.

The XP Trike takeaway

Lectric is committed to taking cars off the road by listening to customer needs and delivering as much value as possible at the lowest price possible. In short, the XP Trike is nearly half the cost of other electric tricycles on the market while offering better braking and a better motor, and it arrives fully assembled.

Pre-orders will open on February 7th, and all pre-orders will include Lectric’s Cargo Package free of charge (usually $149), including both front and rear racks.