Have you ever had trouble finding an electric bike that fits your style? Perhaps you have an image of your perfect bike but don’t know how to build it. Well, did you know that all of Lectric’s e-bike models are completely customizable, down to the handlebars, seats, grips, colors, and pedals? All it takes is the click of a button to get a custom ebike.

Upon visiting Lectric’s headquarters in Pheonix, Arizona, I entered a workshop that could have easily been confused for a candy store. Camo-tread tires, rose-gold pedals, comic-paneled bells, and hand-painted tie-die frames were just some of the colorful features that caught my eye. Talking with their resident technicians, it became clear that your imagination is the only limit to styling your ride.

Unfortunately, you can’t order these customizations through Lectric’s website, though you can contact their team with any special requests. Instead, Source BMX makes these creative customizations easy to choose and implement with its vast inventory selection.

The majority of the mods are cosmetic. There aren’t many changes you can make to the hardware of cranksets, chainrings, stems, handlebars, or brakes. But you adding a custom seat for comfort or swapping in a set of bright tires when the old ones wear out is a fun way to keep your Lectric XP 2.0 fresh. If you get lonely, you can even add a co-pilot rubber ducky to your ride.

Whether you are a company looking to design your electric bike with unique branding and themes or an individual who wants to turn heads while out on the road, customizing your Lectric XP is a creative way to level up your commute.

Head over to Source BMX for yourself to start planning your custom ebike, or feel free to contact the Lectric team for any extra special inquiries. Hopefully, some of these up-close photos inspire you to go crazy.

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