Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is reportedly looking to launch a new electric scooter next year.

For the uninitiated, HMSI is a subsidiary of the much larger Honda Motor Company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. HMSI has been around since 1999 and is India’s second-largest two-wheeler maker. They have been a market leader for years now, and specialize in scooters, motorcycles, and cars.

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In an interview with Economic Times, HMSI president Atsushi Ogata made it clear that “the company has been examining the market for electric two-wheelers” and “consumers will be ‘able to see an actual HMSI EV product within the next financial year.’”

The time is now for HMSI

HMSI has not outlined any concrete details about the EV scooter they plan to release in India next year. However, the company is already testing its parent company’s “BENLY e” electric scooter at the Automotive Research Association of India.

The BENLY e first appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 2019.  Marketed as a business EV scooter, this electric two-wheeler will play a role in Honda’s electrification efforts. 

There is no confirmation that the BENLY e will be the scooter HMSI launches next year, but there is no doubt the company is anxious to enter India’s EV market. Companies like Ola Electric, Hero MotoCorp, and TVS Motor Company are already large players in the space, and HMSI has a pretty large difference to make up.

Honda plans to go electric with their entire vehicle lineup in China by 2030. From there, they’re planning on exporting those to other major countries.

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The same can be said for HMSI’s electric scooter. According to Atsushi Ogata, HMSI is a global player with a global strategy. This upcoming EV scooter will be making its debut in the next financial year, and then they plan to “export the vehicle from India to markets in the Honda Motor network to build volumes after launch.”

Honda has big plans for this upcoming EV, and we could very well see it in North America sooner rather than later.