Electric cars such as the Tesla Model 3 have reached mass-production level while keeping their sticker prices relatively down. However, battery pack and electric motors are not just limited to four-wheel vehicles – there are also many electric two-wheel rides out there. Electric dirt bikes in particular are getting more popular these days.

If you enjoy the outdoors, there are electric dirt bikes for sale today that can provide the ride quality you are looking for, and some more.

Looking just for the best dirt bikes out there? Jump straight to the list:

  1. KTM Freeride E-XC
  2. Cake Kalk&
  3. Electric Motion Escape
  4. Zero FX
  5. Oset 24.0 Racing

Electric dirt bikes: Pros and cons

When shopping for electric dirt bikes, there are several advantages and disadvantages you have to weigh. Some may find the shortcomings of battery-powered dirt bikes deal-breakers, while others will fall in love with these green machines.

Below are some pros and cons of electric dirt bikes:

They run clean vs. Unconventional looks

The most obvious advantage of electric dirt bikes is that they run on batteries. You don’t have to worry about refueling them, especially when fuel costs are on the rise. More importantly, they do not spew greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

While you’re running green, you might have to compromise if you want to get on the saddle of an aggressive-looking dirt bike. Their looks may be awkward or unusual, but manufacturers are catching up. Electric dirt bikes are looking sleek nowadays.

Instant vroom vs. Range issues

Electric dirt bikes rely on electric motors that provide instant torque. They can go quick and fast, depending on how you handle the throttle. With this in mind, you can be sure these rides can provide the adrenaline rush you are looking for.

While electric dirt bikes can go fast, they could run out of juice while you’re on the road. Battery technology is improving all the time though, and some of these green motorcycles can go as far as 240 miles on a single charge.

No noise vs. Lack of rumble

Electric motorcycles are quiet. And your neighbors will love you for it. While some may see this as a disadvantage, it gives you a chance to enjoy the elements more.

Riders used to conventional dirt bikes love the growl of the engine. The new, quiet electric bikes take some getting used to, but it will save you from a headache if you plan to ride in areas where local ordinances on loud noises are in effect.

Electric dirt bikes can save you money vs. Initial cost

With an all-electric bike, there are fewer moving parts. There’s no gas and oil. These things mean less maintenance work and less money out of the pocket for consumables.

Just like their electric car counterparts, electric dirt bikes can be more expensive out of the gate. Finding accessories and parts can also be a challenge depending on where you are located. However, expect the prices to drop as the technology is perfected.

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Things to consider when buying an electric bike

If you are planning to purchase an electric dirt bike, here are some critical factors you’ll want to look into:

Experience level

Just like when buying a car, you need to match your riding experience when shopping for electric dirt bikes. Remember that these are very potent machines. One wrong move, and you can end up on the ground with broken bones or worse.

Right fit

You need to match your body to your ride. Do your homework so you don’t end up having trouble handling the dirt bike or having back pains because of a poor fit. Also remember that the weight of the battery pack will affect the balance of the bike, so make sure to be critical about the setup.

Types of electric dirt bike

You have to check local regulations so you know where you can ride your electric dirt bike. They come in different packages, with different wheels, frames, tires, and batteries. There are also different sizes meant for kids, teens, and adults.

Most electric dirt bikes are designed for motocross, with well-built off-road suspension for the rough outdoors. Some are designed for supercross or short races that are commonly held at indoor racetracks. There are also off-road electric dirt bikes, which are perfect for recreational riding.

Dealer support

Since the technology for electric dirt bikes is not yet perfect, it’s important to pick a brand that provides excellent dealer support. When something breaks, you need to have a help line to call or mechanics to go to.

The best electric dirt bikes of 2021

Below are some of the best electric dirt bikes you can grab today:

KTM Freeride E-XC

The KTM Freeride E-XC is one of the newest bikes on the block and probably one of the best electric dirt bikes on the market today. It uses an 18kW electric motor with a 12 HP output and a torque of Nm. It has an easily removable lithium-ion battery pack that you can fully charge in 110 minutes and lets you enjoy 1.5 hours of ride time on its lightweight composite frame.

You can run the KTM Freeride E-XC in Economy mode, with a speed limit of 31 mph (50 kph), Enduro with a power restriction of 16 kW, and Cross that will give you access to the bike’s full power.

The 2021 KTM Freeride E-XC price starts at $10,699.

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Cake Kalk&

The Kalk& is an electric dirt bike that will let you enjoy both the streets and the dirt. The Swedish company has equipped an impressive electric off-road motorcycle with a 10-kW motor that can go over 56 mph (90 kph).

Cake claims the bike can go for about 52 miles (83 km) on a single charge. The electric dirt bike weighs about 137 lbs. (62 kg), including the battery.

The Cake Kalk& price starts at $14,000 and ships from the Netherlands.


Electric Motion’s Escape is another road-legal, off-road electric bike that looks good and performs well. This 176 lbs. (80 kg) e-bike sports a 2.6 kW/h battery pack that allows you to travel roughly 37 miles (61 km) on one charge. This electric off-roader with a performance-oriented suspension has a 16 HP motor that can go to a top speed of 45 mph (72 km/h).

The Electric Motion Escape price starts at $8,427.

Zero FX

This fully electric dirt bike has a curb weight of 247 lbs. (112 kg), but its 27 HP motor can reach a top speed of 85 mph (137 km/h) and has a 106 N-m torque. The Zero FX carries a 3.6 kWh battery pack that you can fully charge in 5.1 hours. It has a city range of 46 miles (74 km).

The Zero FX price starts at $9,295.

Oset 24.0 Racing

The Oset 24.0 is one of the more affordable electric dirt bikes in our selection. It is a very versatile machine that will not come short if you want to get the best value for your hard-earned money.

The Oset 24.0’s suspension is designed for teens and adults and can carry a load of 198 lbs. (90 kg). It has a 1400 W electric motor that is fully adjustable to your riding style. It has a run time of two hours.

You can buy the Oset 24.0 Racing starting at $4,399.

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That’s a wrap! Which of these electric off-road motorcycles is the best? Tell us in the comments.