CES is home to all kinds of technology and innovations, but electric vehicles and sustainability had a significant presence this year. While there were plenty of electric car concepts, the release dates were far off and tentative. Who knows if they will ever see the light of day? Instead, Green Authority searched the showroom floor to find the most innovative micro-mobility and energy products that consumers can soon get their hands on. Here are our top four Best of CES 2023 Awards.

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Davinci DC100

The Davinci DC100 electric motorcycle was the most eye-catching two-wheeler on the CES showroom floor, but its specs and features will raise some eyebrows too.  The DC100 has a top speed of 124 mph, climbing from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds, and has a whopping range of 250 miles, which surpasses most gas-powered engines. It also has a ludicrous 850 Nm to torque and can be fully charged in 30 minutes.

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The DC100 is self-balancing, using electronic power steering, letting the bike wobble around without a side stand. The coolest feature, however, is that the bike can follow you around using an app-based control. That means you might be able to call the bike to meet you from wherever you’ve parked it. The Da Vinci DC100 is available for pre-order now at US$27,500.


EcoFlow has been developing eco-friendly generators since 2017. At CES 2023, the company unveiled a whole-home backup power solution to ensure your lights never go out. Built around EcoFlow’s Delta Pro portable power station, the kit boasts an output of up to 7200W and 21.6kWh.

Set up is truly as easy as plug-and-play, and the generators can be fully recharged in under 3 hours to power your entire home for up to a week. What also made EcoFlow stand out from the competition was the affordable price point and modular capabilities to work with solar panels. You can design any independent energy space, whether an RV on wheels or an underground bunker. The Delta Power Pro is available for $3,499 ($200 off), and you can get bundled kits for a steeper discount.

Icoma Tatamel Bike

One of the most innovative micro-mobile machines we saw at CES this year was the Tatamel e-bike from Icoma. This transformable e-bike folds into itself to become the size of a suitcase, and the side panels are fully customizable. You can have a wooden panel that props up like a desk, a tv screen to stop and watch Netflix, or even solar panels to prolong your ride.

The Tatamel charges in under 3 hours and has a range of 30 km and a top speed of 40 km/h, which is similar to a standard electric scooter. You can also use the pike a portable power station to charge your phone or other devices. Despite its size, the bike is too heavy to carry around at ~100 lbs. However, this is a prototype, and Icoma is making improvements up until the e-bike launches by the end of this year.

HeyBike Tyson

The bang-for-your-buck e-bikes space just got some competition. The new Tyson from HeyBikes is one of the lightest and most affordable e-bikes for the specs that it delivers. It has a 750W Hub Motor, 28 mph top speed, and up to 55 miles of range on a single charge. It also houses a 48V 15Ah battery with 720 Wh of capacity inside a smooth magnesium alloy frame.

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There’s both dual-suspension with a hydraulic fork on the front end for bumpy terrain. Plus, the bike features in-built 4G connectivity, allowing riders to monitor Tyson’s location, mileage, and more in real-time while outside the city limits. That also means if your bike is stolen, there’s a good chance you will be able to track it down.

That concludes our overview of Green Authority’s Best of CES 2023 Awards. Check out our sister site Android Authority for more coverage of the show.