Closer to reaching its company deadline to stop selling gas-powered vehicles by 2035, Volkswagen (VW) revealed today that two new EVs are joining its lineup. Namely, a new electric SUV and a revamped, electric version of its iconic microbus.

Volkswagen will build both EVs on their modular electric vehicle platform known as MEB.

Let’s take a look at them both.



The latest addition to the VW “ID. family” of EVs is an all-electric SUV, the ID.5.

The ID. 5 will be released in European markets next year. Details on pricing and global availability are expected soon.

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The design is essentially a smaller, sportier version of the ID.4 model but with a more coupe-styled back.

“The ID.5 is electric, sporty, and elegant. Our premium SUV coupé with all-electric drive marks another milestone in our ACCELERATE strategy. It offers locally carbon-neutral driving enjoyment for a discerning customer group. We are breaking into a completely new market segment with this model.”

-Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of Volkswagen’s VW brand

The entry-level VW ID.5 Pro will have a single rear-wheel-drive motor with a 174 hp output and a 77 kWh battery pack, giving it over 320 miles of range. However, there will also be a dual-motor option available.


Vm electric minibus

Volkswagen has long been teasing their electric minibus but is now serious about its release, saying it will come next year.

During the unveiling of their latest electric SUV, the  ID. 5, Volkswagen gave a brief glimpse of the upcoming electric minibus. Currently named the ID.BUZZ, the teaser image shows the vehicle sporting some rather groovy camouflage.

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Despite its expected 80 kWh battery pack, the ID.BUZZ is estimated to sell for under $50,000.

Of course, custom interior configurations could push that price point higher, but it’s exciting to see an EV for a relatively affordable price.