Urtopia, a new hong-kong based company, has launched their first all carbon fibre e-bike. Built with high-quality materials and advanced tech, this sporty e-bike is shaping up to be the utopia of urban travel.

Several sports stars, from Olympic champions to NBA hall of famers have already endorsed the Urtopia e-bike, helping boost its IndieGoGo page to 2252% of its goal. There are still a few left per region to order 50% off at just $1,999 until it ships next year.

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Check out the video below for a glimpse of all the e-bike’s key features.

What makes the Urtopia e-bike so unique?

Weighing just 30 lbs thanks to its fully carbon frame, fork, handlebar and seatpost, this e-bike is one of the easiest to carry.

You’ll find hydraulic front and rear brakes and a torque sensor that automatically adjusts according to different terrains. Those should help keep your ride smooth.

The 250W rear motor features five different power modes, including Eco and Power Assist which can reach a maximum speed of 20 mph (32km/h) without peddling.

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The Urtopia e-bike has 30-80 miles (50-130km) of range depending on the power mode. If you run out of juice, you have the option of removing the battery to charge wherever is most convenient. Perfect for stopping for lunch while it takes two hours to charge.

In terms of security, the e-bike implements a fingerprint locking system making you the sole rider. In addition, a movement alarm and GPS tracking system synced to the mobile app aid to protect your e-bike from theft.

As for safety, a built-in haptic feedback system alerts you to vehicles from behind via vibrations, and front and back LED lights to keep you and everything you face visible. You’ll also get updates on nearby road conditions via the smartbar.


urtopia smartbar

From a centred LED dot-matrix display, you can monitor speed, battery level, and system updates.

You can also talk to it.

Urtopia will listen and respond to your speech with the preferred voice and notification sounds you set. So, for example, you can tell it to adjust the power mode or turn the lights on or off without lifting your hands off the handlebars—quite the smart friend for the road.

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With an eSIM card, the e-bike stays connected to the internet and your phone via Bluetooth and 4G modules. This should enable over-the-air updates for the latest software.

The Urtopia e-bike is currently being sold via Indiegogo, where the pledge level starts at $1,999 for the NA or EU models. Once it reaches 50 orders for each, the bikes’ retail price will be $3,999.