Even though the Tesla Cybertruck hasn’t been released yet, engineers are already working on some pretty sweet third-party accessories. Including the ability to turn the Cybertruck into an electric boat! Developed by Anthony Diamond, the Cybercat allows the Cybertruck to conquer land and sea.

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The idea came when Elon Musk indicated the Cybertruck could serve as a boat for short periods. However, the wheel rotation speed would never propel the vehicle fast enough in the water to be compelling.

The concept for Cybercat aims to fix that with an easy-to-assemble catamaran kit. Equipped with 50 kW outboard motors powered by the Cybertruck’s battery, the Cybercat adds hydrofoils for a high-performance watercraft.

The adaptive ride height of the Cybertruck and the folding inflatable pontoons of the Cybercat provide 12” of ground clearance. Once in the water, the electric outboard motors, pontoons, and hydrofoils fold down, and the wheels retract out of the water for quick takeoff. In shallow water or around docks, Cybercat can precisely maneuver propelled by the wheel rotation of the Cybertruck.

cybercat island

You could even build your own Cyber island with others. Bridging the tailgates or pontoons of multiple Cybercats can create a floating dock. Available power from the Cybertruck makes it convenient to cook, charge electric watercraft, and do other activities for fun on the water.

There’s still no working prototype, but the company anticipates a top speed of 25 mph with a range of 50 to 115 miles depending on cruising speed. The concept is still in the early stages of development, and they are not taking reservations. But the company is aiming for a price of $22,900 to $32,900 per Cybercat, depending on the number of outboard motors.