Today, Toyota revealed a slew of electric vehicles it plans to release shortly. Specifically, the Japanese auto manufacturer announced thirty all-electric cars by 2030, promising a full lineup of battery EVs in the passenger and commercial segments.

That’s a bold initiative from a company that has yet to release a single all-electric vehicle globally. But they are putting their money where their mouth is, investing $35 billion to achieve that goal. Toyota’s first EV will be BZ4x SUV, set to launch next year.

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Toyota hasn’t always been a believer in battery-powered vehicles. Instead, they have invested in several hybrids, such as the Prius Prime, which we rated the best overall hybrid car you can buy right now. Toyota has also pursued hydrogen fuel cells, which hasn’t yielded promising results.

It appears Toyota has changed its tune and is following other auto manufacturers in developing battery-electric to help the industry go green.

Today, I would like to talk about Toyota’s strategy for achieving carbon neutrality. Particularly our strategy for battery electric vehicles, which represent one of the most promising options.

The top of the Toyota heap?

These new EVs are still in the prototype stage, so they likely won’t look exactly like the images. We’re also if all of these cars will be available in every country. However, one we can be sure will hit the North American market is the Toyota electric pickup truck.

toyota electric pickup

Pickup trucks are extremely popular throughout the NA continent. Therefore, these models will be crucial to electrifying the auto market on this side of the globe.

GM, Ford, Tesla, Stellantis, and Rivian have all released or announced upcoming electric pickup trucks. You can learn more about those models in our fifteen most anticipated electric vehicles.

Other than the concept, there aren’t any details on what kind of specs to expect from Toyota’s electric pickup. Stay tuned for more updates.