Tesla has released its vehicle delivery and production report for Q3 2021 and the results are record-setting. 

According to the report, in their third quarter, the world’s most valuable automaker “produced approximately 238,000 vehicles and delivered over 240,000 vehicles.” They cite global supply chain and logistics challenges as obstacles that led to a number of production issues; however, that didn’t stop the company from having their most remarkable quarter to date.

Let’s explore the Tesla Q3 results announcement a bit more.

Tesla’s Q3 2021 production results

The automaker produced more electric cars than ever before during Q3 2021. In total, they produced 237,823 vehicles: 228,882 Model 3 and Model Y cars and 8,941 Model S and Model X cars.

These are glowing results, especially when compared side-by-side with Tesla’s production numbers from Q3 2020—and even Q2 2021.

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In Q3 2020, Tesla produced 145,036 vehicles. Of that total, 128,044 were Model 3 and Model Y cars and 16,992 were Model S and Model X cars. Tesla produced 64% more cars during the same fiscal quarter this year.

In Q2 2021, Tesla produced 206,421 vehicles. That consisted of 204,081 Model 3 and Model Y cars and 2,340 Model S and Model X cars. Tesla’s production numbers increased by 31,402, or about 15%, in the last three months.

Tesla’s Q3 2021 delivery results

Over the course of Q3 2021, Tesla delivered 241,300 cars, eclipsing their previous delivery record. Additionally, this number surpassed the expectations of market analysts.

According to analysts’ estimates, Tesla was expected to deliver around 220,900 electric cars. This, evidently enough, did not come to pass. 

Of the 241,300 vehicles delivered, 232,025 were of the Model 3 and Model Y variety and 9,275 were Model S and Model X cars. This is a 73% increase from the company’s Q3 2020 delivery results and a 20% increase from their Q2 2021 results.