Electric bikes can be expensive, but what if you could transform your ordinary bicycle into an e-bike? Even better, what if you could fit the battery in your pocket? Swytch has come to answer every cyclist’s dreams with their new compact electric bike conversion kit.

It is the only electric bike system that is compatible with almost any type of bicycle. If your bike has handlebars and a front wheel, the Swytch kit will be compatible – with only a few small exceptions. The wheel size of your bike doesn’t matter – we can build the motor wheel in any size for any bike.

swytch pocket

The latest design includes a new handlebar mount that secures a plastic case to house the battery. It’s also backwards compatible, so if you are an owner of the bulkier first-generation Swytch kits and want to upgrade, you don’t have to replace everything. You can just get a new battery and start peddling.

The other half of the kit consists of a 250 W hub motor designed to swap onto the front wheel of any bike. It hits 25 km/h (15 mph) in Europe and 32 km/h (20 mph) in the US. The motor produces up to 40 Nm of torque and can assist the average adult up a steep 30% incline. The kit works with disc brakes and will get you up to 50 km of range. You can always carry a second battery in your pocket if you need more range.

swytch rider

You can now sign up to the Swytch waitlist to get 50% off the pocket-sized battery kit. However, the generous discount has had Swytch playing catch up with manufacturing to meet the demand, meaning the next launch window will likely be this fall.