Subaru has given us our first look at their first-ever all-electric SUV, the Solterra.

We learned this EV was in development earlier this year, but a recent event in Japan gave us our first look and details on what to expect.

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Combining the Spanish words “sol,” meaning sun, and “terra,” meaning earth, the name signifies a bright green future for Subaru.

At a glance, the exterior features a closed-off grille and combines classic SUV contours into sharp lines. A 12-inch Infotainment display takes up the center interior, with plush material for seating.

With a range of nearly 250 miles and a new powertrain co-developed with Toyota, Subaru is setting up the Solterra as the cornerstone of its future BEVs.

Solterra SUV Stats

subaru solterra suv

The Subaru Solterra will share the same powertrain as Toyota’s BZ4X electric SUV. At its core will be a 71.4 kWh battery which can support DC fast charging up to 150kW when running low.

Unlike the Toyota BZ4X, however, the Solterra actually has a steering wheel.

The electric SUV will come in both front-wheel and all-wheel-drive variants. Depending on which you choose, you’ll have a 150kW synchronous motor driving the front wheels or a pair of 80kW motors powering each axle. The total output of both is 160kW (214hp).

Subaru says that like its other gas-powered SUVs, the Solterra will feature the company’s X-Mode AWD control system. This supposedly enhances the safety and stability of the vehicle on rough roads, which is undoubtedly a push to market the EV to adventurous, outdoorsy customers.

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 A new Grip Control function enables the vehicle to run at a constant speed while stabilizing the vehicle even on rough roads. Taking advantage of the expertise in AWD technology precisely controlling the four tires that SUBARU has accumulated over many years. The agile response of the electric motors and the flexible driving force distribution between front and rear. SOLTERRA fully utilizes the grips of the four wheels and offers a driving with confidence and peace of mind.”


The Subaru Solterra SUV will be coming to the US, Canada, and Europe in 2022, with pricing details next year.