Since 1998, Optibike has built high-performance bikes and electric bicycles for all riders. The new Optibike R22 Everest claims to be able to climb one of the highest peaks in the world on a single charge. I guess it wouldn’t matter that there aren’t any charging stations above the clouds since it’s downhill all the way back.

The R22 Everest is the result of my 25 years of designing and building E-Bikes, the R22 is my dream bike, born and bred in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This bike sets a new standard for E-Bikes.

-Jim Turner

So, just how big of a battery is this bad boy boasting? You’ll find 3,260 Wh inside the carbon fiber full-suspension frame, split into two packs that are removable from either side of the R22 Everest. That’s about six times as much juice as your average e-bike.

optibike r22 everest battery

Of course, the price is almost multiplied just as much, ringing in at $18,900. While that’s overkill for the average rider, this Optibike is for exploring rough terrain and distant destinations that other e-bikes wouldn’t be able to reach, partially thanks to the 200mm rear suspension.

The Optibike R22 Everest has 300 miles (510 km) of range in pedal assist mode at 15 mph (25 km/h). There’s also a half-twist throttle with 190 Nm of Torque if you need a break from peddling. The 1,700-watt continuous mid-drive motor can reach a top speed of 36 mph (58 km/h). That’s enough power to pull a full trailer without breaking a sweat.

Now, there aren’t any roads on Everest. So don’t ride it there unless you want to risk falling into a crevasse. But this is one of the best long-range adventure bikes for mountaineering. There is limited availability to order, so inquire quickly – if you can afford one.