Neoplants, a pioneering company in bioengineering plants, has announced the opening of its new state-of-the-art synthetic biology lab, The Seed. This groundbreaking facility in North Paris will accommodate a range of fields and create a collaborative environment for developing their natural air purifier, the Neo P1.

Lionel Mora, co-founder and CEO of Neoplants, emphasized the company’s mission to curb air pollution, starting inside the home.

“Bioengineering our plants requires critical collaboration between every field of synthetic biology, so we created the ideal place for all of our experts within those fields to come together so we can more effectively achieve our collective goal to create a positive impact.”

What is The Seed planting?

The Seed is so far the most significant milestone in the company’s ongoing mission to improve air quality with plants that can capture pollutants more effectively, bringing together a wide array of synthetic biology components:

  • Plant Physiology: 100+ m2 of controlled growth spaces for studying plants from embryo to maturity.
  • Analytical Chemistry: Instruments for testing pollutants, plant molecular pathways, and monitoring bioengineering by-products.
  • Plant Transformation: Techniques for inserting DNA into any plant type.
  • Plant Molecular Biology: Tools for expressing complex enzymatic pathways, metabolism engineering, and gene stacking technology.
  • Biochemistry: Enzyme selection and engineering through Rational Design and Directed Evolution.
  • Microbiology: Enhancing enzymes and plant microbiomes for better air de-pollution and indoor air quality.
  • Metabolism Engineering: Efficient selection of enzyme combinations for plants in collaboration with other scientific fields.
  • Bioinformatics: Resources for analyzing plant genomes, enzymes, codon usage, and metabolic networking.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Unique air quality assessment tools, including two chambers for precise control over environmental factors.

As the name suggests, The Seed lab begins a new era for Neoplants. It creates a headquarters for the company to produce future plants in a controlled environment. Neoplants will use bioengineering and directed evolution to create the Neo P1, which promises to be the world’s most efficient natural air purification system. Early reports suggest the Neo P1 is thirty times more effective than typical house plants in capturing and recycling harmful VOCs from indoor air.

Watch the teaser video below for a glimpse inside The Seed.