Early Lucid Air customers can start getting their Dream Edition cars on October 30. To commemorate the first deliveries of its all-electric luxury sedan, Lucid is holding a “Dream Delivery” event—which includes a rally segment.

Lucid has struggled to put the pieces together for the last few years. Delay after delay, it was a slow crawl to getting a full factory running, let alone readying production vehicles.

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However, at the end of last year, Lucid Motors put the finishing touches on their very first electric vehicle factory in Casa Grande, Arizona: the Lucid AMP-1.

Less than a year later, Lucid is now announcing the first deliveries of their luxurious Air electric sedan.

When a lucid dream encroaches upon reality

Early supporters who reserved Lucid Air “Dream Edition” vehicles are in for a treat this weekend. 

“The first group of Dream Edition reservation holders are invited to take delivery of their vehicles on Saturday, October 30. […] Upon receipt of their cars, these initial customers will embark upon the inaugural Lucid Rally, hosted by members of the company’s leadership team on a route that showcases the vehicle’s standout ride, handling, and performance capabilities, before departing in their personally-configured Lucid Air Dream Edition, reflecting their preference of Range or Performance models.”


The company is holding an exclusive event to celebrate the first deliveries of their limited-run Lucid Air Dream Edition. This event will include a special Lucid Rally, where customers can join members of Lucid’s leadership team on a route that “showcases the [Lucid Air’s] standout ride, handling, and performance capabilities.”

This inaugural version of the Lucid Air features a specialized 118kWh version of the company’s long-range battery pack. It’s also the first-ever 500-mile EV, after Tesla canceled their Model S Plaid+ supercar. 

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If you get the Performance model—oh yeah, the Dream Edition comes in both Performance and Range—you will experience up to 1,111 horsepower. It also gets up to 471 miles of range.

Now, if you get the Range variant, you’re getting a special EV. This Lucid Air outputs up to 933 horsepower and gets up to 520 miles of range, making it the first electric car to surpass 500 miles of range.

Now, only 520 of these initial Dream Edition cars will be delivered before the company moves on to other versions. More variants of the Lucid Air will likely become available for delivery in 2022.