The Lexus RZ will be Lexus’ first fully electric vehicle commercially available in North America. A crossover SUV in nature, the car is set to arrive sometime in 2022.

Lexus is one of the few companies left that hasn’t put out an electric vehicle in North America. They do offer some hybrids and plug-in hybrid electric cars, but no all-electric vehicles.

Today, Lexus released a series of teaser images that will be expanded on in the near future. These teaser images show a good portion of what’s promised to be the Lexus RZ electric crossover SUV.

In terms of design, we don’t have the clearest visuals yet. However, what is clear is that the vehicle takes heavy inspiration from the Lexus LF-Z Electrified concept unveiled earlier this year.

The RZ may implement the Direct4 dual-motor powertrain system. Introduced by the company last December, Direct4 is designed to control torque delivery and braking force for each wheel.

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Lexus previously trademarked the name “RZ450e,” so this may end up being the designation they give the launch vehicle.

The RZ will follow its parent company’s Toyota bZ4X, a vehicle that looks to be very similar in shape.

The RZ will be a coupe-style SUV that prioritizes performance. According to Lexus, it will take its driving experience to “an exhilarating new level, using steer-by-wire technology and a fully variable all-wheel-drive system.”

We look forward to additional details soon.