If there was ever an electric bike to make a compelling argument for replacing your car, this is it. Lectrics’ latest e-bike, the XPedition, is their most extensive project to date and aims to be the ultimate transportation solution. This e-bike is offers an impressive cargo capacity, carrying up to 450 lbs while maintaining a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h). From parents taking their kids to school to delivery drivers needing to travel long distances, the XPedition can cover 150 miles on a single charge with a dual-battery set-up. Plenty of modular accessories are available for the rear rack, from cushions and orbiters to keep the kids safe to extra large pannier bags to fill up on all your groceries. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Lectric XPedition.


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Key Features

Powerful Motor: The XPedition features a 1,310W peak rear hub motor with 85 Nm or torque, providing plenty of power to conquer challenging hills and terrains. Even carrying a weight of 400 pounds or more, the motor can reach a top speed of 28mph. I’ll be sure to find some steep hills and heavy cargo to put this to the test.

Long Battery Life: Two 48V 14.5Ah batteries allow the Lectric XPedition to travel up to 150 miles on a single charge, letting you explore without worrying about your bike’s charge.

Durable Design: The XPedition can handle rough terrain, featuring a tight, sharp-angle cockpit with an extended back to reduce flex. The rear rack’s custom web-like design distributes weight and makes the whole frame rigid. A new dual-kickstand avoids tipping while loading cargo and folds upon takeoff, allowing you to start without raising the kickstand.

Comfortable Ride: The adjustable seat, handlebars, and ergonomic grips and pedals should help to reduce fatigue and strain. The XPedition also sports slick street tires with slime to prevent flats.

Lectric has included new PWR (Peddle Assist Wattage Regulation) programming. It will assist the rider up to a certain power level for each PAS setting instead of limiting the assistance by speed. We’re eager to see how this new programming will work during our testing.

A Heck of a Deal

The Lectric XPedition is available for pre-order, releasing on March 17th. The single-battery option costs $1399, and the dual-battery option costs $1,699. This is the only electric cargo bike under four grand that arrives fully assembled at your door. Additionally, the bike comes with a free one-year warranty backed by a full U.S. customer service base. The Lectric XPedition is a versatile and reliable transportation solution for anyone needing a cargo eBike.

Stay tuned for our full review of the Lectric XPedition, coming soon.