Some e-bikes like to boast about how lightweight and portable they are to carry. But what if your e-bike was as light as a plant? Better yet, what if your bike was made of plants? Hummingbird’s new flax folding e-bike is the first of its kind, weighing just 22 lbs and built entirely out of plant-fiber material.

Not only is the Flax Folding Bike ultralightweight, but it doesn’t compromise on durability either. The company says it will hold the same strength and shape as its carbon-fiber predecessor. If true, we could start to see more flax fiber being used in EVs thanks to its equal strength and added sustainability.

flax folding e-bike

Flax fiber has already been used in motorsports as a carbon fiber alternative, but this is the first time we’ve seen it on city streets. Waste generated during production is biodegradable and far less harmful to dispose of and recycle. The nature of the frame means the bike will eventually break down at the end of its lifecycle.

The lightweight bike comes with pretty lightweight power, too. There’s only a 250W motor and a 158 Wh battery. That’s about what you’d find on an entry-level e-scooter. Still, the company claims the Flex Folding Bike can reach 50 km (31 miles) or range without a throttle. Aside from soaring downhill, you’ll only reach a top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph).

Interested in getting a hand-made, biodegradable electric bike for yourself? The Flax Folding e-bike starts at £4,995 and is available across a range of single-speed, multi-speed, and electric folding bikes. That is the average price for other premium e-bikes, but probably the most you’ll spend on a plant.