Earlier this week, we reported that Hertz had ordered 100,000 Model 3 vehicles from Tesla. Now, Uber has revealed that half of those electric vehicles will be exclusively available for rent to Uber drivers in the US by 2023.

While most drivers who use the ride-hailing service own their cars, some do not. Aside from gas savings, the rate of $334/week (which Uber says will drop to $299 once the program expands) and flexible rental hours can benefit many drivers’ schedules and income. As an added incentive to reduce environmental impact, Uber will offer drivers an extra dollar per ride for using an EV.

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It’s a big-scale EV expansion for Uber that’s a win towards its zero-emissions goal. The program starts in select cities next month, and we can expect to see Teslas giving rides nationwide by the holidays.

More Teslas over time

If you thought 50,000 Tesla’s wasn’t enough, just wait because that number could triple. In a recent interview with CNN, Fields, the interim CEO of Hertz, confirmed the deal with Uber includes an option to increase their Tesla vehicles for rent by 100,000 over the next three years:

If Hertz decided to pursue this option, it would increase their total number of Tesla Model 3’s to 200,000. Three-quarters of those vehicles, 150,000, could then be made available for rent to Uber drivers.

Curiously, Tesla planned to launch its own competing ride-hailing service, Tesla Network. However, we haven’t heard any updates on that project for a while. Perhaps Tesla will remain in the back seat of ride-sharing services, simply providing the vehicles. But it would make things interesting if it ever gets going.

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