Electric scooters are great for zipping around town on the fly. But when traveling farther distances, it can get tiring standing for an extended period. That’s where seated scooters come in handy, giving your feet a rest while on the run. The best part about the new Fucare HU3 Pro is that the seat acts as an add-on attachment, so you can sit or stand depending on your destination. And at $799, it’s also one of the cheapest options currently on the market.

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A seat can help new riders feel more stable on the scooter by offering a lower center of gravity. While speeds are only up to 20 mph (32 km/h), you may want to sit down when the 500+ watts hub motor kicks in to climb any hills. Fucare says it should handle 15º inclines, but you likely won’t find any roads that steep in most urban environments. Of course, those speeds won’t keep up on larger roads, but if you have bike lanes in your city, it’ll be fast enough to wave by any cars stuck in traffic.

fucare HU3 pro

A 48V and 12Ah battery offers up 576 Wh of capacity, which is more than most standing electric scooters on the market and closer to your average electric bicycle. In other words, that battery will carry you for 40 miles (64 km) of range, which should be more than enough for a few inner-city round trips. The scooter folds up to fit into a truck or slide behind a desk. However, it won’t be the easier to carry, weighing just over 50 lbs. There have to be some trade-offs to a sturdy build.

If you don’t feel like standing and want to save some money on eco-friendly transportation, grab a Fucare HU3 Pro. Colors come in black, white, or red, and they are all now shipping in the US. You’ll get a 15 day in case you don;t like it, and a one year warranty for any repairs.

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