DeLorean Motor Company has officially revealed its upcoming EV, the Alpha5. It’s an all-new take on the classic stainless steel-clad sports car made famous by the Back to the Future film trilogy. While it may not have a nuclear reactor, it does has two gullwing doors revealing four seats.

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The DeLorean EV has a 100kWh battery pack that should provide over 300 miles of range. A dual-motor, all-wheel-drive setup can accelerate from 0—60mph in less than three seconds. As film buffs know, that’s not quite fast enough to reach time travel speeds. Thankfully the car can go from 0—88mph in 4.35 seconds to pass through any wormholes in a pinch. All jokes aside, the top speed should be around 155mph.

DeLorean partnered with Italdesign to craft the smooth look of the Alpha5. They also helped develop the look of the original 1981 DMC-12. While DeLorean didn’t reveal any pricing details for the new EV, we expect the Apha5 to cost around $175,000. Production will begin in DMC’s new San Antonio, TX facility in the next few years.

The company says that “bridging the physical universe with the metaverse will be [their] way forward,” which could mean the incorporation of some AR or VR tech. You can sign up here to reserve your vehicle. The DeLorean Alpha5 will be seen in action at Pebble Beach Concours d ‘Elegance Award ramp on August 18 and the Concept Lawn on August 21.