On Saturday, California Governor Gavin Newson signed a law ordering state regulators to ban sales of new gas-powered equipment using small off-road engines. This will inevitably include gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers, along with other lawn equipment, generators, and pressure washers.

Now, this is not a surprising move.

According to state officials, a gas-powered leaf blower operating for one hour emits the same amount of pollution as a 2017 Toyota Camry traveling for around 1,100 miles. Considering California is currently home to over 16.7 million of these small off-road engines, it’s easy to understand their position.

California has long been advocating for the transition to zero emissions. Having the highest population of all US states, this law is another step towards reducing the state’s pollution levels. Since the 1970s, it has been the only state with the authority to regulate air quality like this. The signing of this new law further proves California’s commitment to cleaner, healthier air.

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The California Air Resources Board was already working on rules to further this initiative when Gov. Newsom signed the law on Saturday. The board has until July 1st to implement the rules. 

Newsom’s law orders regulators to offer rebates to those who will be changing out their equipment. $30 million has been allocated to help fund this effort, which, according to Autoblog, is “a move aimed at landscaping businesses that use these machines more often.”

Enforcement of this rule will start January 1st, 2024, or whenever regulators consider the regulations’ adoption to be feasible. The date chosen will be the later of the two.