Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer Cake announced today a brand-new family of electric mopeds.

The Cake Makka follows on Cake’s well-received Kalk and Ösa families of electric motorcycles. Where the Kalk line was billed as performance focused and Ösa as more utility centric, the new Makka aims to appeal to urban riders who want a compact and convenient machine to get around town.

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Available in two options, Makka Flex and Makka Range, the new bike is lighter and smaller than the Ösa Lite, Cake’s most compact machine so far.

Both the Flex and the Range weigh 132 pounds or just under 60 kg, including the battery. The main differences between the two versions are the speed and the range. The Flex can go faster – up to 28 mph (45 km/h) – but its range is smaller, at 30 miles (48 km). Meanwhile the Range only hits 15 mph (24km/h), but can chug along for longer, hitting a range of up to 35 miles.

Both Makka models feature Cake’s distinctive design – these are anything but anonymous-looking urban commuting machines, ensuring you’ll turn heads wherever you go. While the overall looks are slightly tamer than the angular appearance of the Kalk’s and the Ösa’s, Makka is still a great-looking little moped.

A step-through frame, knobby tires, and a built-in cargo rack bring practicality to a vehicle that Cake describes as “urban shuttles for short-haul commercial transportation and commuting needs.”

Cake promises Makka users will be able to customize their rides with many different accessories, including a passenger seat and even racks for skis or surfboards.

Previous Cake bikes were not exactly affordable, with prices ranging from $7,500 to $14,000. The Makka is thankfully much more approachable – the Makka Flex will cost $3,800, while the slower Makka Range will be $3,500. This doesn’t include the cost of the optional passenger seat attachment though. Both models will be available in Cake’s minimalist white or grey paint schemes.

If you can picture yourself ridding the new Makka, you can pre-order one starting today from Cake’s website. The Makka Flex will be the only option available in the US, while European customers will get to choose between either version. Both the Cake Makka Flex and the Cake Makka Range are street-legal, meaning you won’t need to make any customizations to ride them. Availability will start later this year.

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Cake primarily caters to style-conscious customers who want something special, and that’s a good niche to fill. But the bulk of the growth will come from the lower end of the electric motorcycle market, from people who want cheap EVs they can rely upon in their daily lives. It’s good to see Cake add some Scandinavian flair to such an important segment.