BMW announced the first customer deliveries of the i4 at an event at its headquarters in Munich.

The only other fully-electric car that BMW offered until this year was the i3, which has been around since 2013. 

BMW held an event at its headquarters in Munich to celebrate the first customer deliveries of the BMW i4. 

“It is a very special moment for us when we hand over brand new models to customers for the first time. The BMW i4 shows in an emotional way how well fully-electric mobility and sporty driving dynamics fit together. For us, it is therefore clear: the BMW i4 will offer our customers a whole new dimension of driving pleasure.”

— Bernard Kuhnt, Senior VP, BMW Group Market Germany

Now, full-scale production of the i4 only started last month. With that, deliveries of the i4 were actually expected to begin a bit later.

BMW is ahead of schedule.

The BMW i4

For the uninitiated, BMW’s latest electric vehicle is a sporty all-electric four-door coupe, or Gran Coupe.

It is currently available in two primary configurations: the BMW i4 eDrive40 and the BMW i4 M50. 

Both the eDrive40 and the M50 variants will come equipped with an 83.9kWh battery pack.

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The M50 is all-wheel drive and comes with two electric motors: a 255 horsepower front motor and a 308 horsepower rear motor. At a combined 536 horsepower, as well as 586 pound-feet of torque, the M50 can reach 62 miles an hour in under 3.9 seconds. Its maximum speed is about 140 miles per hour.

The eDrive40 is the cheaper rear-wheel drive model. The eDrive40 comes with a singular 335 horsepower rear motor and generates roughly 317 pound-feet of torque. This allows the car to reach a maximum speed of 118 miles per hour, and get to 62 miles per hour in under 5.7 seconds.

The eDrive40’s range is slightly better than the M50, getting around 300 miles of range before needing a charge. The M50, on the other hand, gets around 245 miles of range on a single charge.