The Montreal-based company may have outdone themselves with their upcoming Apollo Pro scooter; this might be the most impressive and expensive scooter that Apollo has ever made.

Standing on a unibody frame created from solid aluminum, this is the first ever scooter where you can use your smartphone as a display with wireless charging. No plugging in; slide your phone into the holder, open the Apollo app, and you’re on your way. The top speed, the light intensity, the color, and the sound of the horn can all be customized via the Apollo App.

apollo pro phone holder

Hype for the Hyper Scooter

The M1 controller is said to collect 22 data points every second, including GPS location, and offers new safety features such as fall detection and a 360-degree light system with turning signals. They say it will soon be capable of detecting collision warnings, which may come in handy while you’re soaring up to 70 km/h, thanks to its dual motors. You can also stay out on the road for 100 km of range.

Featuring 12-inch self-healing tires and hydraulic suspension, you can take the Apollo pro on both roads and off-road trails alike. The kickstand is similar to a motorcycle kickstand. It comes out from under the deck, making it sturdy and convenient.

apollo pro

There’s re-gen braking via two drum brakes that are entirely sealed so you can ride in wet conditions. The re-gen even gets its throttle which recharges your battery up to 10% while pressing it. The large 30 Ah battery means riders can either use the scooter at legally mandated speeds for days or weeks without recharging or ride as hard and fast as they can all day on a single charge.

However, all of this does not come cheap, as the Apollo Pro’s starting price is $3,599. At least financing is available for $90 per month. For die-hard scooter enthusiasts who don’t have a car, this may be the dream hyper-powered machine they’ve been waiting for. But for the average quick commuter, this model is likely overkill. Either way, it’s an impressive piece of hardware set to hit the streets in early 2023.