Designed, manufactured, and assembled entirely in Europe from recycled materials, the former Formula-E engineers’ team may have forever changed how we ride e-scooters. For starters, the Äike T is the first e-scooter in the world to have USB-C charging both ways. Let that sink in. That means you will be able to use a device such as your laptop to charge your scooter. Even better, you could use your scooter as a big power bank to charge your phone.

Äike is a true passion project of mine as I feel we are filling a huge gap in the micro mobility market. After 7 years in the industry, I find it crazy how the e-bike boom in Europe has brought us to around 5 million e-bikes sold per year with more than 50% made in Europe, whereas with over a million e-scooters being bought annually, virtually no one manufactures in Europe.

Check out the launch video below for a funny introduction to this seriously sweet e-scooter.

Hardcore Hardware

As you can see from the pool riding, the Äike T looks 100% waterproof, which is rare for a foldable kick-scooter of this size. It’s also tested to withstand temperatures from -17 to 35 ºC (1 to 95 ºF).

The durability is no joke either, as the scooter is rated for riders weighing up to 150 kg (330 lbs). Given that the baseboard is big enough to stand on with your feet side-by-side, the space and weight limit is more than enough to accommodate two riders.

There’s no suspension on the scooter, but it does have large 11-inch wheels with tubeless pneumatic tires and rims to help handle potholes and rough roads. Not to mention the slopes at the skatepark.

Äike T

The hub motor is rated 350W nominal, though we expect it to achieve even high peak power performance. There’s a removable battery under the deck with a 583 Wh capacity. That should provide up to 40 km (25 miles) of range.

As seen in the video, there’s also a rather loud alarm system to alert of any theft. Any unauthorized movement of your Äike T launches an immediate notification on your app and triggers the automatic brake lock. These measures have proven successful, as the team has had a “more than 100% recovery rate” on stolen vehicles.

Starting today, the Äike T will be available for pre-order with a €69 deposit. Final prices start from €999 (approximately US $1,025).