Vintage Electric has brought beautiful craftsmanship and design to their e-bikes made in California. Now, they’ve added an extra heaping of speed and power to their two-wheelers with a 72V performance line. Don’t let the classic look fool you because the Roadster, Scambler, and Shelby have next-level capabilities.

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The default street-mode e-bikes reach a top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) out of the box, with a motor limited to 750W. However, a simple flick of the wrist can put the bikes in race mode, boosting the engine to 4,000W and doubling the top speed to 40 mph (64 km/h). Essentially, the two modes allow the two-wheeler to switch between an electric bike and an electric motorcycle. After all, there’s no point in peddling on the latter.

The 72-volt battery has a three-hour charge time, which is impressive for its size. You’ll also get a range of 30 to 75 miles, depending on which mode you are riding in. Regenerative hydraulic disc brakes give you a reliable safety cushion while returning some extra juice to the battery.

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As a whole, the Vintage Electric bikes weigh 81 lb (36.7 kg), balanced by the light aluminum frame. There’s an inverted front suspension fork below the nostalgic headlight as well. Both the Roadster and the Scrambler are available to pre-order for $6,995. On the other hand, the Shelby is listed for a slightly higher $7,249, capable of going the fastest and farthest. Shipments start 3-4 weeks after ordering.