Just when you think you’ve seen everything, some crazy engineer will come along to push extreme sports past their limits. In this case, Ungoverned has designed the Vendetta: an electric skateboard with tank treads instead of wheels. That is, if you can even call it a skateboard.

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The Vendetta is a new type of beast that could scare off even the wildlife of its designer Dan Baldwin’s hometown of Australia. With a pair of tracks in place of trucks and wheels, you can go up to 30 mph over sand, grass, concrete, and even other skateboards. Check out the teaser video below to see it in action.

The hinge in the center features a mountain-bike suspension to help it climb over bumpy terrain while keeping both tracks flat. Ungoverned also says it has four times the surface drive area of a motor cross bike. It also weighs less than a quarter of one, at just 43 pounds.

You’ll be able to conquer the terrain for forty minutes on a single charge, but the board comes with a spare battery to swap in and reduce downtime. The 240V batteries take 8 hours to charge fully. You’ll also get a handheld wireless controller to help control the acceleration and braking of the machine.

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The Ungoverned Vendetta doesn’t come cheap, however, at $9,895. At least the worldwide shipping is free, and it a one of a kind electric board.