Trouvé-EV, the Canadian all-electric vehicle manufacturing company, has an ambitious plan for a $3-billion investment to bring their cars to the global automotive market by 2023.

Currently headquartered in Toronto, Trouvé Victory Inc. will be buying 100 acres of land just east of there and employ around 1,000 people to begin production on their new cars. It’s a bold step towards building a cleaner future.

The company detailed what sets their vehicles apart from the rest in a recent press release:

Trouvé-EV vehicles will include an 18-minute quick charge capability and an overnight fullcharge in 4 hours, which will allow you an 800-1,000 km or 500-700 mile driving range on a single charge. The high-performance vehicles outperform the traditional cars of today — ALL with zero emissions.

-Trouvé Victory Inc.

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The French term “Trouvé” in English means To Find, and we are eager to find out what they have in store.


The auto manufacturer will reveal three different EV model designs shortly. Each model will purportedly be built with natural fibers, making them the first fully recyclable electric vehicles. They will also have a carbon fiber body that’s three times stronger than steel.

Additionally, there are working on a Regenerative Energy System, set to harness the sun, wind, and motion elements. The goal is to help provide extra mileage between charges and a lower operating cost regardless of driving conditions.

The vehicles are expected to sell for between $65,000 and $85,000 Canadian, but some could range more than $100,000.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the latest developments from Trouvé-EV.