It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard more about the Harley-Davidson e-bike project. Thankfully, the wait is over. Not only has the motorcycle manufacturer unveiled a stylish new line of e-bikes, but it will be spinning out its e-bike division as a separate company called Serial 1 Cycle.

There’s some nostalgia to that name. ‘Serial 1’ refers to “Serial Number One,” the nickname for the very first Harley-Davidson bike built in 1903. The Serial 1 e-bike is another first: an all-electric bike for a new generation.

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There are three models in its commuter-focused Rush/Cty range and the more aggressive and affordable Mosh/Cty model. However, none of these models are exactly cheap. The Mosh/Cty will run you $3,799, whereas both the “step-thru” and “step-over” Rush/Cty models will cost $4,999. The most expensive is the Rush/Cty Speed with electric assistance up to 28mph for $5,599.

All the bikes use a carbon-fibre belt drive instead of a chain for a throttle-free riding experience. Depending on the model you choose, you’ll get either a 706Wh or 529Wh lithium battery which locks into the frame for enhanced security. They take between four to six hours to charge fully.

Limited edition Serial 1s

If you have the money for something extra special, you may be lucky enough to win one of Harley-Davidson’s limited edition Serial 1 e-bikes. More than just a limited edition, however, these e-bikes are genuinely one of a kind. Serial 1 crafts a single custom e-bike in each series and then auctions them off to benefit a charity.

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This time around, we have a custom MOSH/BMX that brings back memories of the 1980s. The Harley-Davidson e-bike has a front milk crate basket mounted on a custom stainless steel rack, bear-trap pedals, and many other unique features.

For this second 1-OFF build we sought inspiration from iconic BMX bikes of the early ‘80s. One ride brings you right back to the suburbs of your youth, ripping skids, jumping curbs, and racing everywhere in a pack of your closest friends.

— Aaron Frank, Brand Manager, Serial 1