Until recently, Tesla has only been supporting installations of their solar roof tiles in select locations within the US. These locations have historically been close to Tesla Energy warehouses. 

Now, it seems like the company is ready to start bringing their services to the rest of the country’s residents. 

According to Electrek, Tesla has opened installations of their solar roof tiles to “any customer anywhere in the US.” Because Tesla can now send travel installation crews to any US location, any customer in the country can submit an installation request, regardless of their location in relation to a Tesla Energy warehouse. Additionally, approved third-party companies will be available for solar roof tile installations, making services even more accessible in remote locations.

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Tesla has been deploying roughly 90 megawatts of solar power each fiscal quarter, over the last few quarters. In Q2, the company deployed 85 megawatts of power, which was 215% up year-over-year from 2020.

Tesla is aiming for their solar roof tiles to surpass its solar panel installation business by the end of 2023. They have big plans for their solar roof tiles, and only want to grow that side of the business moving forward.