If you hadn’t noticed, Tesla prices have been steadily climbing over the course of this year. That has continued into November, as Tesla has increased the prices for the Model 3 and Model Y yet again. 

Last month, Tesla increased the prices of both the Model 3 and the Model Y. In fact, they did so twice. 

It wasn’t much of a surprise, given that Tesla has been continuously hiking up the prices on their fleet over the course of 2021. However, it was the first time the company had issued a price increase on their vehicles since July.

Now, a month later, Tesla is back at it.

The damage report

All three of the Tesla Model 3 models increased in price by $1,000 on the Tesla online configurator.

The Model 3 “Standard Range Plus” variant increased from $43,990 to $44,990. They have also updated this variant’s name to simply the “Model 3,” or the “Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive.”

This same model was available for $37,000 earlier this year.

The Model 3 “Long Range” went from $49,990 to $50,990.

Lastly, the Model 3 “Performance” had its price increased from $57,990 to $58,990.

Tesla also raised the prices on the Tesla Model Y by the same amount: $1,000.

The Model Y “Long Range” now costs $57,990 instead of $56,990.

The “Performance” version of the Model Y will now run you $62,990 instead of $61,990.

The paint options also got a slight adjustment.

“Midnight Silver Metallic” has been added as a standard option, meaning it will be available at no extra cost.

“Solid Black,” however, will now cost an additional $1,500 instead of $1,000.