It’s been a couple of years since Harley-Davidson spun off Serial 1 to develop a line of electric bicycles. They found some success with their smooth design, first-rate materials, and exclusive colorways. Last week, Harley’s other electric sub-company LiveWire unveiled a new electric motorcycle.

The company is on a roll with the reveal of their second-generation e-bikes, now synced to the Google Cloud.

Serial 1 x Google

The newly launched Serial 1 app complements the new MOSH/CTY and RUSH/CTY e-bikes. It would have been nice if the app was backwards compatible with the bikes of previous years. We can only hope a future update will provide that benefit to past customers.

The new Google partnership provides new features such as Google Maps navigation and real-time ride data displayed on a dashboard screen. It’s all done via more than a simple blue-tooth sync, too.

“Most e-bike apps communicate solely via Bluetooth wireless technology, which means critical features only function when in proximity to another Bluetooth-enabled device. Serial 1’s next-generation /CTY platform takes connectivity beyond Bluetooth technology by incorporating a sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) device that enables connection via not only Bluetooth wireless technology but also using cellular data and/or GPS, to ensure that you can reliably access your bike even when it’s not within sight of you or anyone else.”

Thanks to the new tech, there are a few noteworthy security features. You’ll receive push notifications on your phone if the bike is being pushed around while locked up. You can also see GPS tracking to follow its location on a map should someone manage to steal it.

serial 1 rush

Besides a USB Cable to charge your phone, and the blue colorway, there’s not much new with the hardware of the e-bikes themselves. You’ll get the same mid-drive motor, Gates carbon belt drive, and an automatic shifting CVT. The MOSH/CTY can hit 20 mph (32 km/h), and the RUSH/CTY SPEED can hit class 3 speeds of 28 mph (45 km/h).

You can order the MOSH/CTY for $3,799 or the RUSH/CTY for $5,999. The new models are still the cheapest Harley-Davidsons that money can buy at those prices.