The automobile company SF Motors started in San Francisco (hence the “SF” in the name). However, the company has expanded a lot over the past few years with offices in Ann Arbor, MI; Mishawaka, IN; Tokyo, Japan; and Chongqing, China.

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With that in mind, the company is changing its name from SF Motors to Seres. The word comes from the ancient Greek term used to describe a region of China accessible via the Silk Road, which linked economies and cultures. The company chose the name due to the importance of collaboration between the East and West when it comes to its business.

Along with announcing its new company name, Seres also revealed some launch information related to its very first electric vehicle, the SF5 EV. Consumers in China will be able to buy the SF5 (and its upgraded model the SF5 EVR) starting in Q3 2019.

Pre-orders for both models will start at the Shanghai Auto Show which begins next week.

The SF5 EV has a maximum power rating of 510kw and can go from zero to 60mph in 3.5 seconds. It has a top speed of 250km/h (~155mph). The SF5 EVR has a slightly lower top speed (230km/h) and takes 4.8 seconds to get to 60mph, but will be able to drive longer between charges.

Both models will feature a 17-inch multimedia touch screen console, 64 in-car environments, OBC and vehicle-to-vehicle charging, and a lightweight aluminum chassis.

Seres is producing the SF5 EV at a factory in Jinkang, China, which is environmentally friendly and features nearly 1,000 robots.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, attendees will be able to see the SF5 EV and place their pre-orders. The updated SF7 will also be on display.