American EV automaker Rivian will be opening their first “Rivian Hub” on October 17th, 2021. 

It’s been barely a month since Rivian started delivering their first consumer-grade vehicles. With the rollout of the R1T in September, Rivian became the first company to deliver a fully electric pickup truck.

Rivian is an electric vehicle company that champions a spirit of exploration and adventure. What this naturally means is that their focus lies on the outdoors.

Now it looks like they’re turning their attention to providing a unique indoor experience—at least to some degree.

What is a Rivian Hub?

Announced on social media and their own Rivian Stories webpage, Rivian will soon be opening their first Rivian Hub. It will be located at 660 Venice Boulevard in Venice, California, and the company intends to open more in the future.

Rivian Hubs are not retail locations. Instead, they serve a different purpose: connecting the community.

“A Hub is where people can come together and learn about everything from how to make the most of their vehicles to practicing good stewardship in our planet’s wild spaces.”

According to their Rivian Stories post, “A Space to Gather,” this first Hub will be called the Venice Hub.

The Venice Hub will include shaded gardens and outdoor seating, an open-air play space for kids, a large library, a “bright makers’ space,” and a courtyard area between the site’s two buildings. 

Workshops will also be hosted on-site, where people can learn about eco-friendly concepts.

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The space itself used to belong to American author and screenwriter Ray Bradbury, and was also an art gallery.

The Venice Hub will open to the general public on October 17th.